Veri Boost


Veri Boost leverages the power of FinTech to automatically provide you a full view of an individual and business' bank account financial picture. Reports are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to show the big picture within your customers' bank account. All data is normalized with easy to read descriptors. Real-time results include current and available balance, income and purchasing trends, categorizations, and flag alerts of unusual activity.

How Can Veri-Boost Help?

Veri-Boost has several ways to help and can be used during the entire life cycle of your customers. Use it at the point of application to verify the status and ownership of your customer's bank account or any account at almost any financial service provider. Knowing whether a bank account is valid and has a positive balance is must have information.

Verify if funds are available in your customers bank account before processing an ACH or Debit Card payment. Or, use the transaction data rich information to further understand your customers behaviors and create more meaningful engagements when they return. Whichever the reason, Veri-Boost is sure to improve your business performance.

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