Treditional Data

Traditional Data

Merchant Boost maintains a comprehensive suite of traditional data services to fit any credit, underwriting, or risk management need. Whether you are filling in missing pieces to a thin file or increasing the spread between low and high risk customers, our data captures the opportunities you need. Our suite of Traditional Data services include skip trace, criminal databases, court searches, sanctions searches, credit reports, bankruptcy, liens and judgement, foreclosures, assets, employment verification, business profiles, negative media searches, and much more. All services are available on our secure web platform and can be accessed through API's.

How Can Traditional Data Help?

Traditional Data is often the cornerstone to the screening or underwriting process. Whether you are selling mortgages or shoes online, Traditional Data can be applied to KYC and ensure you meet industry regulatory requirements. Combinations of Traditional Data are most commonly used to ensure a comprehensive screening program.

Typically, your screening or underwriting program should start with the identification of a name, address, and other personally identifiable information. More stringent screening or underwriting can include verification of employment, credit reports, and criminal records. Industry specific solutions, such as bankruptcy and asset searches may be appropriate for other needs.

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