Remotely Created Checks

Remotely Created Checks (RCC)

Remotely Created Check (RCC), also known as a Pre-authorized Draft, Demand Draft, or a Check 21, is similar to an electronic check conversion in that there is an authorization to debit an account. RCC can be created by a consumer using a telephone or the internet by providing the necessary information and authorizations.

Merchant Boost’s Remotely Created Check (RCC) solution represents a new standard for RCC services. With greater acceptance, improved functionality, and less risk of return, Merchant Boost's RCC service is available through easy-to-integrate and pre-built SDKs.

How Can Remotely Created Check (RCC) Payments Help?

RCC is an alternative to an ACH or other electronic payment option and offers the distinct advantage of not being tied to the NACHA requirements and thresholds. Merchant Boost works with hard to place and specialty businesses that are faced with the challenges of returns, bandwidth, sustainability, redundancy, and reputation. We have designed specialty RCC programs directly with processors and sponsor banks. These programs are exclusive to Merchant Boost clients that meet the requirements of the banks and processors risk management policies.

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