Instantly analyze a combination of identity verification, fraud detection, payment instrument validation, and compliance attributes. Pre-Boost leverages best in suite databases that return real time information to verify names, addresses, social security numbers, and screen against hundreds of sanctions and watch lists including OFAC, OIG, GSA, and SDN, as well as industry regulated sites like the DOD's MLA. It includes our Fraud and Reputation Database as well, which contains hundreds of millions of digital identities collected through a contributory database from bitcoin exchanges, banks, payment processors, financial service providers, lenders, and some of the largest online retailers and money service businesses. Finally, our proprietary payment instrument validation services screen bank account and credit card attributes to verify status and provide dozens of data points.

How Can Pre-Boost Help?

Use Pre-Boost for real time lead screening, at the point of application, or on-boarding your customers. Make sure that you KYC and verify customers are who they say they are. Simultaneously, determine if the person, address, IP, device, bank account, and credit card information is associated with known fraud, or linked to negative transactions. The power of Pre-Boost is its ability to combine all the necessary up front, real time screening tools a company needs to verify, comply, and predict a consumer’s performance.

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