Information Services


A combination of proprietary and best in suite database services to verify identify, detect fraud, validation payment instruments, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Use for pre-screen, underwriting, and ongoing monitoring.

Bank Boost

FinTech to enable third party access to individual or business customers bank account profile and account history information. Proprietary normalized data processes and credit algorithms display industry specific risk scores and predict customer outcomes.


Extend the power of Bank Boost. Continuous bank account transactions and daily balance information to ensure timely and approved payments or collections. Identify targeted marketing events to lift new and recurring sales.

Social Network Boost

Acquire and vet customers using token based authentication from the most popular social networking sites. End user's account information is leveraged to auto fill orders and application information. Data sets leverage consumer behavior, intent, and identification.

Traditional Data

Search risk based data to verify identity, detect fraud, meet compliance requirements, market more clearly, and evaluate risk of consumers and businesses. Robust data sources and powerful linking technology provide the clear and most complete view.

Alternative Data

Access billions of real time data sets across thousands of categories to enhance models that target customers for marketing and identify risk where historical data points never could. See interest, purchase histories, and intent with over a thousand data points per consumer.

Payment Instrument Validation

Real time information with dozens of data elements that validate identification, detect fraud, and provide predictive outcomes on a customer's ability and willingness to pay. Incorporate results to RegTech to ensure compliance financial institutions, processors, and payment regulations.

Funds Verification

Proprietary relationships and technologies to financial service providers to determine balance and status of accounts. Ensure compliance with regulatory thresholds and sustain payment services with processors and financial institutions.

Fraud & Reputation

Contributory database with hundreds of millions of transactions and digital identities. Sophisticated linking and indexing technologies see beyond the surface to reveal negative reputations that are more likely to cause losses and regulatory challenges.

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