How We Do It

A Professional Services Approach

We've developed our own way of working with our clients through our unique delivery model. Our Professional Services Integrated Services Approach and Integrated Solutions Delivery model is a culmination of the experience that comes from working with thousands of companies over the past four decades. With our approach and delivery, we address our clients needs from a wholistic perspective to speed up delivery, insure optimal cost and quality, and sustainable results.

Merchant Boost has identified four key elements to its' approach and delivery.


We start by completing an Initial Client Assessment. Our Initial Assessment reveals areas that can move the needle for businesses through an array of opportunities and strategies.


The identified opportunities and strategies are aligned with our Information Services and Payment Service offerings to create a custom Merchant Boost Program. The Merchant Boost Programs are step by step plans to achieve strategic objectives.


By delivering an integrated Information and Payment Services solutions we improve the customers’ consumer acquisition accuracy, improve the payment performance metrics, and enable access to new payment processing services. With our integrated approach, we prevent the issues before they become problems later.


Support is critical for customers in specialty and highly regulated industries. Often support means that we continuously optimize the solutions that were delivered. In other instances we find that increasing our clients' capabilities and leaving them with long lasting knowledge is a better form of support.