Fraud and Reputation Database

Fraud and Reputation Database

Fraud is rampant online and only getting worse. Our Fraud and Reputation Database is one of the most powerful tools in the business. The database contains hundreds of millions of digital identities that are contributed from the largest lenders, banks, bitcoin operators, and money service businesses. Feed any type of PII and financial instrument information into the database and get a real time response as to whether your data is directly or indirectly, with varying levels of degrees, either known or associated with fraud or negative transactions. Negative transactions could be multiple accounts created in specific time periods, or multiple attempts to use a card account in short periods of time. The configuration of rules enables any scenario to be created and alert you to the activity.

How Can the Fraud and Reputation Database Help?

The Fraud and Reputation Database is a multi purpose tool. Many businesses use the database to detect known fraud identities. The database is powerful for this purpose. Beyond detecting fraud, however, it is also an extremely useful tool to ensure KYC and compliance in highly regulated industries. The Fraud and Reputation Database can be leveraged at the point of marketing, lead acquisition, application, point of purchase, and repayment. Due to it's flexibility in configuration and real time response capabilities it is an extremely versatile tool.

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