Bank Boost

Bank Boost

FinTech is changing the game for banks and businesses alike. Merchant Boost leverages FinTech to provide customers with its Bank Boost service. Bank Boost enables the access and real time analytics to a consumer or business bank account profile and transaction history.

Hundreds of data attributes offer customers the ability to verify bank account ownership and balances, income and purchase histories, financial status, and much more. Bank Boost also offers proprietary data normalization and credit scoring algorithms to better predict risk. Our Bank Boost Risk and Bank Boost Progressive Risk scores have been scientifically validated to predict risk associated with the ability to pay and identify the optimal payment schedules. Bank Boost reduces the data confusion from the FinTech clutter and provides actionable insights.

How Can Bank Boost Help?

Bank Boost is best used at the point of customer acquisition. While there are a great deal of benefits to reducing risk, there are just as many benefits using Bank Boost to increase approved applications. Bank Boost reveals information on consumers that may be looked over by traditional credit scoring methods. Consumers and businesses that are young, new to country, or have not established a credit history are particularly good use cases for Bank Boost. Bank Boost is just as powerful in identifying opportunities to provide more product or services to a consumer or business beyond what the traditional credit score suggests. Ultimately, Bank Boost delivers more meaningful and productive financial analytics and helps deliver engagement and longevity with your customers.

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