Alternative Data

Alternative Data

The world of Big Data is at a watershed moment with the onset of Alternative Data. Alternative Data is the next major change to all businesses and their processes. Merchant Boost's Alternative Data platform helps businesses create custom data-driven content by analyzing millions of data sets from thousands of categories. Our natural language processing technology provides structured and unstructured data across the most meaningful areas.

Areas that answer complex questions, help visualize personal and business patterns and behaviors, purchasing trends, and predictive intelligence to identify tomorrow's winners and future threats today. Our taxonomy of data spans across categories that include online search, pricing, consumer credit, advertising, expert views, consumer transactions, employment data, reviews and ratings, consumer insights, store locations, satellite and weather, social media, event detection, business insights, and thousands more.

How Can Alternative Data Help?

Because it is easy to get lost in the sea of alternative data options, we facilitate and advise clients every step of the way to ensure our clients have a clear path and gain a competitive edge. Clients leverage Alternative Data to append PII to their lead lists for email, direct mail, and phone marketing campaigns. Others marry Alternative Data to profile applicants and target products and services in real time. The opportunities to leverage Alternative Data are endless, and Merchant Boost has the technical knowledge and engineering team to help.

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