Who We Are

Merchant Boost is a leading provider of business information and financial technology solutions designed to improve customer acquisition and payment strategies.

What We Do

We provide customers with innovative data and payment sources to reduce risk and ensure sustainable processes that maximize profits.

How We Do It

Our holistic approach and deep domain expertise in risk, credit and payments combined with an entrepreneurial mindset provides innovative solutions that allows you to stay ahead of today's trends and effectively manage business.

Know About Merchant Boost

Dedication, innovation, and trust. These three things fuel and energize the people at Merchant Boost. We work side by side with clients and are dedicated to delivering real results.

We are bringing innovation to payments and risk, remaining focused that we are at the forefront of best practices and addressing the most critical challenges. Trust is the driving principle behind our work and the foundation of our brand. We take these commitments seriously and they are always top of mind for all of our people.

Payment Services

Our card and treasury financial partners give you payment service options to make it easy for your customers to connect and pay.

Information Services

Real-time identification, fraud, and alternative data tools help you operate your business and minimize your risk. Leverage our data and analytics to better personalize marketing offers, messages, and overall servicing management.

Unique Approach & Delivery

We take a Professional Services Approach and Integrated Solutions Delivery method. We go step by step, and integrate information, technology, and analytics to complex challenges. Our unique approach and delivery is making people think differently about how they run their business.

Some Industries We Serve

Nearly one-third of the U.S. population—106 million people—are either underbanked or unbanked, and 26 million people have little or no credit history. Merchant Boost captures consumer transaction and alternative data from this market, and boosts visibility into your customer’s creditworthiness.
Billions of dollars in consumer loans are in delinquency at any given time. Easily connect to public and proprietary data from thousands of proven sources so you can access critical consumer insights faster.
Online fraud is rampant. Leverage comprehensive data and analytics from Merchant Boost to help you quickly and confidently recognize good transactions while identifying the bad ones.
It's hard to find quality credit card processors for high risk business types. We developed relationships and deployed programs with dozens of payment processors and financial institutions to build sustainable programs for the hardest to place merchants.
Issues with chargebacks, returns, or declines? We have a comprehensive suite of payment and treasury services ranging from ACH, RCC, to Centralized Accounts. Merchant Boost gives you convenient ways to collect revenues and maintain compliance.

We have 50 Years

Of Experiences

Leading Innovation

Successfully helping clients meet their business challenges requires having an in-depth knowledge and experience in the business sectors in which they operate. Merchant Boost brings together expertise in key segments across industries, including Financial Services, Consumer Markets, Payments and Treasury, Marketing, Risk Management, Analytics, and Technology, Media & Telecommunications. This expertise enables our professionals not only bring an informed perspective on business challenges and opportunities in a specific sector, but also to bring insights from one sector to another – sharing best practices and leading thinking.

Merchant Boost is making a difference for organizations seeking innovative approaches. Our leaders utilize the fastest-growing practices to help clients respond to challenges in rapidly-changing markets. Clients are able to get a broader perspective on their current issues, which can lead to more creative and effective solutions. The combination of our cross-industry expertise and innovative mindset means clients get the best of both worlds – meaningful insight translated into practical action.

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Client Success Stories

Merchant Boost takes its service to customers seriously. Our unique services and solutions have brought great success stories and outstanding results to clients across industries.

eCommerce Site

Why People Choose Merchant Boost

Implemented bank account verification solution to enhance business profile and acquire treasury service provider.

Online Flower Delivery

Why People Choose Merchant Boost

Used interchange optimization solution to attract a new card payment service provider.

Consumer Lender

Why People Choose Merchant Boost

Added card payment validation, fraud detection, and FinTech application to increase underwriting accuracy.